Malte 2015 Bac Com

Malte Sliema
Terminal Bac Commerce
9 personne(s)
Du 13/9/2015 Au 3/10/2015
Dispositif européen
ERASMUS+ Mobilité des apprentis
Caroline Hérard, Nelly Bru, Thierry François, Marie-Claire Denoyel
Objectifs du projet

Stage professionnel dans une entreprise étrangère

Bilan du voyage

Témoignages des entreprises :

Pour Florinel : "Our overall experience with Florinel was quite pleasent. He has shown a lot of interest in the role we gave him to do and has done it well. He is a very determined person and I believe that he will succed in everything he wishes to pursue. Well done !"

Pour Daphnée : "During this last week working with us, she improvet her english well. I have nothing to say about her, because she is very cute, punctual and very capable with customers. I feel that she is going to be a great employee whenever she goes. We are very pleased to have her with us. She is very gentle and she is like my daughter for me."

Pour Axelle : "She has done a very good improvement, she managed to do visual merchandising on her own without being advised to. Her english needs some improvement but she manages to understand. We would love to have her with us again. She's very polite, and always followed instructions. Very happy with the result."

Pour Honorine : "She has been trying to talk a lot in english and works a lot. She knows where the clothes are and helping us with the needs of the shop."

Pour Anaelle : "She is a very lovely girl and also very kind, she has shown a lot of interest and is always keeping herself busy. She also likes to ask ans shows interest. She observes how we serve customers and also has even sold and served customers herself with a bit of effort and commitment. Anaelle will achieve all she desires in life !"

Pour Sonia : "Sonia has continued to be helpful and asks questions when she is no sure. She has tried to help customers -greets them, dressed some mannequins- so is showing some styling skills. helped with visual merchanding. Always punctual and does the hours fully."

Pour Jean-Alexandre : "Jean-Alexandre has improved his communication skills his more confirdent and had improved the work duties as well."

Témoignage(s) des participants

Power point : présentation par les Bac Commerce

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