European Programmes

Mobilité Courte

Work experience in an English speaking country for 3 weeks. Available for apprentices in the 2nd year in

A level in Business (Malta) or Catering and Hotel (Ireland).


Euro métiers centre Bac +

Work experience in an English speaking country (Malta) or Spanish speaking country (Spain)

for 3 weeks. Available for apprentices in the 2nd year in BTS in Catering and Hotel.


Erasmus + post apprenti jeune diplômé

Work experience for 23 weeks in Ireland or Spain (+10 weeks of English or Spanish lessons). Available for all major apprentices out of contract and financed by a European grant. (Cf: More information about it in the article about Erasmus programmes)


Trans'Europe centre

Stay of one week in a European country. Available for all the trainings of the CFA (Cf: See the various trainings of the CFA). The aims are defined by apprentices and trainers then validated by the CFA and the region.



The programs are helped by the Loire Valley Center Region and Europe


Why ?

Make one’s CV richer

Learn new technical skills

Improve the mastery of a foreign language

Discover new cultures


Article written by Kévin,student of the Erasmus class 2016.

Erasmus Post-Apprenticeship

Since 2000 , more than 1000 aprentices of the CFA left France to a foreign country. The CFA proposes different  trainings  for the Erasmus post-apprenticeship programme. If you already have a diploma in the CFA you can pretend to the Erasmus programme because it is done on selections. You can go either in Ireland as an English programme  or in Spain as a Spanish programme.

For the Ireland programme , you will go to Dublin to work for six months as a trainee in the kind of job you did before . Students leave France in the beginning of December. They have two months of English training with some practical works at the CFA before they go to Dublin. The CFA finds the companies  for each student and students have to find themselves a place to live. It's quite the same for the Spanish programme , it's also for 6 months and they have a little part of English lessons with common projects with the English programme.

It is a chance to be part of  the Erasmus programme.


Article written by Laura, Yanis and Nicolas,students of the Erasmus class 2016.
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