CFA History

Here's the oldest history about the creation of the CFA.

In 1862, In memory of her son Alfred, died at 27 years old, Mrs Pauline Tonnellé created the apprentices' house.

She passed her house on to Tours City and after six years of works, the apprentices' house opened in september 1868 and welcomed its first twelve apprentices.

It's in 1973 that the building became the CFA.

In 1987, the CFA added in its programme the Wine-Waiter training ,

in 1989 it was the Barthender training and in 1997 the Receptionist training.

In 2009, the CFA registered in the European programmes. It proposes a lot of trainings in the Automobile sector (Painting , Coachwork),in Business (Shop assistant )

and Hotel Catering ( Cook, Waiter, etc...)

Nowadays, nearly 900 pupils go in the CFA every year.

This article was written by P.Killian and P. Nicolas ( Erasmus +)
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